Acrylic jewelry

The futuristic acrylic jewelry designed by Björn Weckström combines silver and acrylic plastic in a fascinating way. Weckström's silver acrylic jewelry is considered a turning point in modern jewelry design.

The set includes the Petrified Lake ring, worn also by Yoko Ono, as well as the Otus No. 5 necklace from the early 1970s and Sorgente earrings from the late 1980s.

Acrylic jewelry has very limited availability based on the number of original acrylic parts available. Blue-green color effects have been added by hand to the acrylic parts of the Petrified Lake rings and Otus No. 5 necklaces, which make each ring and necklace unique.

Get to know Björn Weckström as a designer and artist.

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Kivettynyt järvi -sormus – Art by Kalevala
Petrified Lake Ring

Petrified Lake Ring

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Björn Weckström
Otus 5 -kaulakoru – Art by Kalevala
Otus 5 Necklace silver

Otus 5 Necklace silver

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Björn Weckström