Darina's Bracelet

The two most iconic pieces of jewelry in the Space Silver collection are the Planetary Valleys necklace and the Darina koru bracelet. Planetary valleys and Darina's jewelry gained international fame in the 1970s when Princess Leia wore them in the final scene of George Lucas' first Star Wars film. The jewelry belongs to the Space silver collection designed by Björn Weckström. Read the story of the jewelry and how it found its way into the Star Wars movie.

The Space Silver collection also includes the Galactic Peaks Necklace, Galactic Wind and Gelo Earrings, Cataract Bracelet and Gonda's Mask and Shuttle Rings.

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Darinan koru -rannekoru – Kalevala-koru
Darina's Bracelet silver

Darina's Bracelet silver

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Björn Weckström