Kalevala Koru as a company

A beloved Finnish design house

Kalevala Koru, founded in 1937, is a beloved Finnish design house and the most significant employer of goldsmiths and jewelry professionals in Finland.

Kalevala jewelry is handcrafted in Finland at the company's own factory in Helsinki with more than 70 professionals. Domestic manufacturing and social responsibility are important values ​​in the company's operations. Our mission is to make results so that we can do good.

The company is owned by Kalevalainen Naisten Liitto ry , which does national cultural work. The Kalevala Jewelry Cultural Foundation annually distributes numerous grants for the maintenance, development and research of Finnish cultural heritage.

Administration of Kalevala Jewelry


Anna Valtonen
Doctor of Arts

Kirsi Aro
Master of Commerce

Heidi Cheng
MSc in Economics and Business

Annaleena Hakola
Master's Degree in IDBM

Aila Nieminen
Master of Arts

Raisa Räisänen
Master of Business Administration (Turun University of Business and Economics)
Master of Fashion Sciences (Stockholm University)

Management team


Kirsi Paakkari
Managing director
Master of Commerce

Jonna Lähde
Director of Finance and Administration
Master of Commerce

Lea Aarinen-Koski
Commercial Director

Aino Ahlnäs
Creative Director / Creative Director


PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy
Ylva Eriksson

Courage to see and desire to do

How courage and doing things in a new way can be seen in everyday life and what it has led to. Read the blog written by our CEO Kirsi Paakkar on the subject.

"It feels good that the finished jewelry has meaning and value for the wearer."