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Kalevala Preloved

This is Kalevala Held

Kalevala Preloved is a secondhand service for Kalevala and Lapponia jewelry, where you can buy used and refurbished jewelry treasures and sell us your old jewelry.

You can exchange your used Kalevala and Lapponia jewelry for a Kalevala gift card easily and safely, or buy yourself a jewelry treasure from our secondhand collection.

Our Kalevala Preloved service brings forgotten jewelry from decades ago within everyone's reach again. The Kalevala and Lapponia jewelry made in Finland as domestic handicrafts last from generation to generation and user to user. Kalevala Preloved service is only available in Finland.

Kalevala Preloved jewelry is individual, unique treasures that not everyone can find.
The Kalevala Preloved item is also a valued gift.

We accept bronze and silver Kalevala jewelry with the KK stamp and Lapponia jewelry with the LJ stamp. You will receive a Kalevala gift card as compensation for the jewelry, the value of which is determined by the model, size and material of the jewelry. No compensation is paid for broken jewelry that we cannot repair. However, if you wish, you can leave them to us for material recycling.

All Kalevala Preloved jewelry is refurbished before being put up for sale. Maintenance work is a demanding goldsmith's craft. The jewelry is surface treated and the chains of the pendants are replaced with new ones if necessary, the hooks of the earrings are always replaced. Serviced jewelry is sold in our online store as well as in our Helsinki flagship store and our Outlet store

When you buy Kalevala Preloved jewelry, you can be confident that it is an authentic Kalevala or Lapponian jewelry. Each piece of jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity.

MISSING – Rolf Ekroth Linked by Kalevala

Kalevala Preloved secondhand jewelry is also part of the joint collection of fashionz designer Rolf Ekroth and Kalevala Jewelry. Circular economy is an important part of Rolf Ekroth's design philosophy, and that is why the designer is inspired by Kalevala Preloved secondhand jewelry.

Rolf Ekroth's Missing collection premiered in August 2023 at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Kalevala was the first Finnish jewelry brand to participate in the Copenhagen fashion week. The collection also aroused enthusiasm at Paris Fashion Week at the turn of September and October 2023.

The Missing collection includes e.g. a set of hoodies in different colors, whose faded tones and retro cuts are complemented by unique recycled Kalevala Pidetty jewelry. In addition, the collection includes a hand-woven dress from the Kalevala bronze chain, which weighs no less than 2.5 kilos.

"The Kalevala Preloved jewelry of the past decades fits perfectly into my collection, which was born from longing for memories of the past and nostalgia from many generations," says Rolf Ekroth.

See a summary of the fashion show.

Kalevala Preloved is part of Kalevala Jewelry's responsibility and transition towards a circular economy. Read more about our responsibility.