Tips for choosing an engagement and wedding ring

In autumn 2022, we renewed our gold ring collection and it was named Kalevala Love. Alongside the iconic classics, we brought completely new diamond and diamond-free ring models, whose timeless design is combined with ancient symbols and stories. Kalevala Jewelry has a long tradition in making engagement and wedding rings. Gold rings based on museum models have been in our collection since the 1950s.


Each in their own style

Engagement and wedding rings are known as symbols of love and union around the world, but there are cultural differences in their use. In Finland, the place of the engagement and wedding ring has been established on the ring finger of the left hand.

Traditionally, as a sign of engagement, both parties have worn a similar engagement ring on their finger, usually without stones and quite simple. When the marriage is concluded, the woman has received a wedding ring alongside her engagement ring, often decorated with diamonds.

Today, every couple is free to make their own choices – engagement rings don't have to be the same, wedding rings can be worn by both, and there's nothing to prevent a romantic proposal in the style of Hollywood movies with a sparkling diamond ring.

Invest in quality and timelessness

Since engagement is a promise of a shared tomorrow and marriage is the fulfillment of a promise, it is important that the engagement and wedding ring harmonize well, last in daily use and please the eye even decades from now.

The starting point for the design of Kalevala Love rings is the timelessness of the design and their mutual combinability. The rings must fit together seamlessly - this is taken into account in the design - and, for example, in the design of the width, thickness and profile of the rings' bodies and the diamond settings.

Finnish craftsmanship, 100% recycled gold and high-quality diamonds

Like all Kalevala jewelry, Kalevala Love gold rings are also made in our own factory in Helsinki , Finland, in the skilled hands of our experienced goldsmiths.

We only use recycled gold and very high-quality diamonds to make the rings, which we get from our long-term, reliable partner. Most of our diamonds are nearly colorless, contain very few inclusions, and are excellent in their cut.

Diamonds have an unparalleled ability to refract light, which explains the fairy-tale sparkle of diamonds in all the colors of the rainbow – as if a fire were burning inside the diamond. An experienced diamond cutter knows how to work a rough diamond so that the finished polished diamond refracts light in the best possible way. In order to sparkle beautifully, a diamond must also be clean.

The body of the diamond ring has holes in the case of diamond plantings, where the accumulated dirt prevents light from refracting and can make the diamonds look cloudy and lifeless. Washing with warm water and hand dishwashing detergent will correct the situation, and when hoeing vegetable soil or kneading bun dough, it is always a good idea to take the rings off.

Black diamonds have a rose cut, sapphires have a brilliant cut.

Laboratory diamonds, black diamonds, pink sapphires

For mined colorless diamonds, we also offer a laboratory diamond option. As the name suggests, laboratory diamonds are created artificially under laboratory conditions. In terms of their chemical composition or optical properties, they do not differ in any way from naturally occurring diamonds mined deep in the earth's crust. Laboratory diamonds also have the same quality classification as natural diamonds. Our laboratory diamonds are made in Europe. The laboratory diamond option is available for all Kalevala Love diamond rings.

In addition to colorless diamonds, the Beloved rings from the Kalevala Love collection are also available with black diamonds and intense pink sapphires. Black diamonds have a rose cut, sapphires have a brilliant cut.

Do you know what a carat is?

There are carats and there are carats

We make our gold rings from 14 carat gold. The gold raw material is 100% recycled. Diamonds range in size from 0.02 carats to 0.25 carats. When talking about gold,carat is a measure of concentration.

Gold jewelry is never made of pure gold, because gold is far too soft for that. Alloys with silver and copper – or in the case of white gold with silver and palladium – make the gold alloy harder, and they can also influence the color of the alloy. Carats express the proportion of pure gold in the weight of the metal alloy. Carat means 24 parts, i.e. a 14 carat gold alloy contains 14/24 pure gold. The gold content is stamped on the rings in parts per thousand: the 14 carat stamp is 585.

What about diamond carats? When it comes to gems, the carat is a measure of weight. One carat is 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. The word carat comes from the Greek and Arabic words meaning carob seed. In ancient times, when weighing precious stones, carob seeds were used as scales, which were believed to always weigh exactly the same. In reality, their weight varies just like all other seeds, but the word for them has become established as the international name for the weight measure.

Author of the article: Ville Jokela