Roosa nauha 2022

Pink ribbon 2022

The 2022 Pink ribbon jewelry is inspired by Eino Leino's (1878 - 1926) beloved poem Nocturne: The scents of the wind and the shadows of the water, from them I make the song of my heart. Pink glass beads glow in the jewelry. The pink ribbon jewelry is made domestically by hand at Kalevala Jewelry's own factory in Konala, just like all our other jewelry. Pink ribbon 2022 jewelry, silver Vanamo pendant and earrings, available for a limited time.

When facing a big life change, it is important to know that you are not alone. Support from close friends and the community gives strength to boldly look ahead. The Cancer Foundation is Finland's most significant private funder of cancer research, and the Pink Ribbon is its best-known fundraiser. This year, Kalevala Koru is participating for the eighth time in supporting an important cause by donating €10 for each Pink Ribbon jewelry to the collection.

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