MISSING – Rolf Ekroth
Linked by Kalevala

The ‘Missing – Rolf Ekroth Linked by Kalevala’ collection presented at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

'Missing' is a collaboration between the independent Finnish fashion label Rolf Ekroth and the Finnish jewelry brand Kalevala. Rolf Ekroth and Kalevala are leading the way in creating clothing and jewelry that are both sustainable, feature cutting-edge design and can be worn in every day life. The collection combines Kalevala Preloved jewelry from past decades with contemporary style.

Inspired by Kalevala’s 85-year cultural heritage, among other gorteous pieces, the ‘Missing – Rolf Ekroth Linked by Kalevala’ collection features hoodies which echo street fashion of the 80s and 90s. The various faded colors and retro cuts are each complemented with a unique piece of recycled Kalevala Preloved jewelry. Missing – Rolf Ekroth Linked by Kalevala - limited edition collection will be for sale in the spring of 2024.

The key piece of the collection and of the Copenhagen fashion show is a hand-woven dress from Kalevala bronze chains, which weighs 2.5 kilos and took around a hundred working hours to make. When juxtaposed against a dark under dress, the garment reveals a lace-like rose pattern. The rose theme is seen throughout the whole collection in various forms.

Ekroth did his runway debut as part of the New Talent program at Copenhagen Fashion Week in front of over 600 people. Soundtrack featuring 'Never Promissed You A Rose Garden' and the finnish classic 'Pohjois-Karjalaan' by Leevi and the Leavings together with the skatepark venue tied the whole collection together – creating an immense rush of nostalgia.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has quickly grown into one of Europe's most important responsible fashion events, in which the mission is to strengthen the ever more ambitious sustainable development of the European fashion industry. Brands participating in Copenhagen Fashion Week must meet the strict responsibility requirements defined in the event's three-year responsibility plan, which emphasizes, among other things, the circular economy and sustainable materials.

"The French fell in love with Kalevala Pidetty jewelry. Especially when they understood that the jewelry is even 60-70 years old, passed down from one generation to the next," says Rolf Ekroth.

Missing - Rolf Ekroth Linked by Kalevala runway.

Kaleva Held

Since the birth of Kalevala, sustainability has been embedded in our DNA. Kalevala Preloved is a groundbreaking second-hand collection that refurbishes used Kalevala jewelry, giving it a new life.

Kalevala Preloved is currently available only in Finland.