Kalevala factory tours

Guided tours of our factory in Helsinki

On the tour, you can see how our jewelry takes shape from the designer's idea to a finished piece of jewelry. At the same time, you will hear about the history and present day of Kalevala Jewelry, which is over 86 years old, as a pioneer of Finnish jewelry design, a responsible manufacturer and a philanthropist. As a memory of your visit, you will receive a small surprise gift from us.


工房見学は、工房に隣接するカレワラ・アウトレット&エクスペリエンス店での集合から始まり、ガイドの指導のもと製造現場へ向かいます。工房見学の所要時間は約45分です。ツアー終了後にアウトレットショップの掘り出し物を見つける時間を確保できるよう、訪問には少なくとも 1 時間は余裕を持ってください。参加費はお一人様15ユーロ。

各ラウンドの参加者は 15 名です。登録には拘束力があり、参加費は返金できません。何かしらの問題が発生した場合は、 info@kalevala.fiにご連絡ください。後で企画されるツアーに参加を変更することができます。


また、平日の午前 9 時から午後 4 時まで、10 ~ 15 人のグループ向けにカレワラのプライベート工場ツアーも企画しています。プライベートツアーの料金は1グループあたり300ユーロです。プライベートツアーに関するお問い合わせはinfo@kalevala.fiまで。

Kalevala Experience factory tours for groups

On the Kalevala Experience tour, you can also test whether the hammer and tongs will stay in your hands - whether the ring bends round and whether your finger dexterity is enough to braid bronze links.

The Kalevala Experience factory tour is suitable for example as a team day activity.

We organize Kalevala Experience tours for groups according to a separate agreement on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The number of participants in the groups is max. 8 people /group and the price of the tour is €400/group.

You will receive a small Kalevala jewelry gift as a souvenir of your experiential visit. Inquiries and reservations by e-mail info@kalevala.fi

Next open factory tours

The dates of future open factory tours and the registration button will be updated here.

This is how you find us

Hankasuontie 11 A, Konala, 00390 Helsinki

By car

You can park your car directly in front of the Outlet store in guest spaces. From Hankasuontie, a ramp turns onto our yard deck. Drive along Hankasuontie, past Varusteleka, and only turn right at the Kalevala sign up at the next ramp. When you turn around, you will see the Kalevala light sign on the side of our factory. You can also leave your car in the parking garage under the patio deck, from where you can go up the spiral stairs to our yard.

There is a ramp for people with reduced mobility, which you can use to get from the parking lot in front of the Outlet to our Outlet store and our factory premises.

By public transportation

The nearest bus stops are a few hundred meters away on Vihdintie (buses from Elielinaukio/Elielinaukio) and Malminkartanontie near Konala S-market (bus 37: Kamppi – Myyrmäki; bus 59: Sompasaari – Malminkartano; bus 30: Eira – Myyrmäki). It is about a 20 minute walk from Malminkartano train station. Timetables and routes: hsl.fi route guide